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AR-STOCK-0302 by Angelrat-Stock AR-STOCK-0302 by Angelrat-Stock
This is a crummy scan of an old photo that wasn't in the best of shape to begin with. The negatives have long since disappeared... too bad, it was a pretty cool place. I'm sure, like the negatives, it is no longer around.


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Fangfingers Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005  Professional General Artist
boy the worn off paint ...the textures of that worn siding up close and resonably close ( for residing whatever you want with it would be priceless ) ..

Well if your ever out that way again eh ?... :)

Angelrat-Stock Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005
That was probably 10 years ago so I doubt if the place is still standing :-)
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March 23, 2005
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